I have some contradiction.
Maybe normally almost human being has a contradiction I think..

Recently I've been feeling contradiction in my thought ,life.

Of course I also want to be happy with someone.

But I want him to be free.
If he want to stay with other girl,maybe I will say it's okay if you are happy...

This is love or not??

thanks for everyone 2013 party:)

We had a great home party!!
Like year end party but not only this.
We wanted to appreciate everyone.
Either way we were having special vegetarian dinner sweets and more!!
Sharing great time.

Thank you for everyone.
I'm so happy.


christmas decoration

I visited canal city as landmark of fukuoka.

its sooo gorgeous.
I cant express in my photos.

If you feel interesting
you should check zero-ten!!

they are cool aretists team !!

happy merry christmas:)

i love the new year's day much more...(ツ)/`````


year end party with lovely yogis

last night we had a year end party at Fukanudori.

we were having local organic foods,bio wine and special fresh vegetables:)

ive spent pretty time with great friends.


modeling @ lalagray

enjoy lalagray website

finally back to japan

now ive been back normal life.
i had gorgeous experience in europe.
i dont know im improved or not.
but i really enjoyed. 
i thank to everyone.
especially lovely friends:))

Enjoyed Paris

some special said me you are MonaLisa,
and showed me the picture....long time ago.

finally i have seen real MonaLisa.
I didnt take photos.
because i can keep her appearance in my mind.
i dont need to take any photos.

i enjoyed other museums.

one of my favorite artists Rodin.

i love modern art as well.


street was also  enjoyable.

in the evening.its so beautiful,



Christmas Market in Frankfurt

Germany is known as pretty christmas market!!
ive visited some lovely market in Frankfurt.

This is The Pink Market.
Ive heard its for sexual mainority people.
But welcome anybody:)

I drank special Glühwein
hot spicy and sweet wine.
here is not Frankfurt.
it took about 1hour by car.

next journey is Paris.








To Frankfurt

I went toFrankfurt by train.
I needed to change in hannover...

some of my friends live there.
we visuted gothe house.
he is my one of the mist favorite writer.
I feel the power of word from his works.

He wrote some poems here.....

this is other museum.

lovely sky in front of modern art museum.


Trip to Berlin 2

Ive seen Berlin wall as East Garelly.
I cant explain my felling.

and I visited museum island.
I saw islamic art.
islamic art is the most intersting for me now.

other art is also interesting.


Trip to Berlin

Ive been in Berin for 3days.
There are many interesting spots.
Museum,shops,street art and more.

Specially in the morning i saw shinny leaves.

I was walking around the park which like a forest.

Berlin is fusion city.classic and modern.

To be continued:)