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Vegetarian restaurant MINORIAN

I've had special vegetarian meal at MINORIAN.
Minori San is super creative vegan cheif!!



Main is hotou.

Zenzai, green wild rice cake with red beans 

Kinako cake.

Addition rice with Japanese pickles.

I ate too much right??
All of meals tasted soooo gorgeous!!
Especially appetizers are amazing!!

If you want to eat at MINORIAN 
You need to book.

This is info.

Enjoy meals:))you as well.

yoga class info+


Raw chocolate tart

I joined the cooking class.
We made raw chocolate tart!!
Using different nuts cacao nibs cacao and special love.
In fact and more more.



All of material are special raw foods.
Good food good time:)

Thanks nori san!!

This is super duper raw food artist nor's blog
Love Warrior Yoga Fukuoka
She is a yoga teacher as well.


Yoga and Aromatherapy

I took a class of yoga and aroma.
These teachers are sooo nice:))
Yoga teacher minako san is so cool.
She is like an elder sis.
I've taken her class a few times.
It always made me relax and happy.

Aromatherapy teacher is riyo san is so cute.
This time we made lovely oil.

I could chose different kinds of aroma oil.

After all I used 3kinds.
Rose,ylanylan and neroli.
Smell is sooo gorgeous!!
After then she taught us how to massage.

If you want to know some information 
you can visit her website.
click here (only japanese,but if you want to know it please ask me!!)

I spent lovely time.
Thanks a lot.

My brother

I and my brother have not lived together for over 20years since I was 12 years old something.
My brother is 3years younger than me.

So my grandma told me about his action. 
This New Year's Day step grand mother visited my family member in Kansai.
When they were going out for shopping,my bro helped her walk easier because her legs was not so good.
It was a little bit hard to walk long way for her.
Normally Japanese guys are very shy.
If they think of helping someone they can't do that.
But he did!!
I was impressed by this story.
And I really respect and feel proud of him!!
I love you!!



How do you treat yourself??

If you have some sadness how do you treat yourself??
What should I do??
Let me know....

But I have not experienced bad things.
Just I've felt sad something.
I don't know why but.....

I have to say I'm okay.

Anyway I'm alive.
I must go ahead carry on.


I really miss my friends.

My friends are going to Mysore India from fukuoka japan.
I've helped them something.
So I contacted with my friends in India.
This thing had me remember my India life.

I feel really missing my friends in India.
They are going well I hope....
I'm sure seeing again soon.



This is thema for me especially this year.
It's so important for our life I think
You know I really like moving.
Eg travel shift and so on.
But I practice ashtanga yoga.
It's not like shift something.
Because every day same sequence we do.
I think this is balance stay and go,shift and immutable,something like that.

I can't explain well but I hope you find my mind.

I like these things.
All is same.
similar to life.
All needs balance.

Balance this is my thema..
Love and loved.


Ginger vodka!!!

Last night I was drinking out with my friend.
After dinner we visited some bar in nakasu.

I had never seen ginger vodkas!!
This is first time!!

Maybe it's handmade!!

Taste is soooo nice:)


How's these days everyone??

Morning Yoga class on Thursday

Under beautiful sun light we can practice yoga.
It makes us sooooo happy.
Come on join us:))
Tuesday class as well
Connect  with Veranda.

Recently I enjoyed cooking.
Especially Indian meals.
I love spice!!cumun coriander turmeric cinnamon musterd and more.
That smell also cheers me up.

You know Indian curry also makes us happy??


2nd day.

In the morning I practiced yoga.
It made me soooo happy.
I realized again that I like yoga and yoga saves us all.

Today's message 

Some boy also practiced.
Maybe he feels comfortable and real happy:)

After that I've visited shrine with my grandpa and chai.

This is the year of the horse in Chinese astrology.


A happy new year

A happy new year!!
I spent the end of the tear to New Year's Day with my great friends like elder sisters.

They are so lovely yoginis.
We had special foods for new year!!

In the afternoon I've visited Hakozaki gu shrine.

Prayed peace and happiness.

Love 2014