Golden Knight Malta International Short Film Festival 2014

It's too long title.
But I really enjoyed it.

It was 52nd!!
Long time! 

I was impressed with one Russian animation.
Music, color, and atmosphere.

I attended the award show as well.

The Iraq film was shown.
It was first time at this festival.
The man spoke that in Iraq they have good film industry.
I think so.
I watched different middle east films.
This film also I enjoyed.

The party

Good wine good food good music

Speaking of parties!!
This is it.

The scenes of this hotel

Launch Christmas 

Charity cupcakes 




Ticino is one part of Swiss where is close to Italy.
People speak Italian.
The character is also like Italian.

I went Monte Verita.

This is the chakra road.


The hotel

Full of still green.



I'm in Zurich as a business trip.
It's colder but I can feel real Europe!!

Christmas decoration 

Chest nuts 
Yummy and hot:))

Vegetables on the street!!

Swiss is known as lovely chocolate!!
The chocolate shop is full of Christmas!!

I'll be back to Malta on Monday.


Casa Natura Health Shop

Good shop good person!!
I talked with him about my life.
He is very gentle.
And I accepted his advice:))
So I've got this remedy.

The shop name is
Casa Natura Health Shop

And I bought the book at another shop.
Buddha standard time.
I love this kind of books.

The author,Lama Surya Das founded Dzogchen center with Nyosh Khenpo Rinpoche.

I'm excited to read it!!




Pure heart and noble mind in the dirty and filth world like a lotus flowers in the mud.

I want to be like that always.