I've heard the sad story from my friend.

So I drunk a bit.
My favorite bar.


Finally again

After watching DVD of 'The Great Gatsby'
I met someone at night...
Last week we grow apart.
We talked over.
It's the same as always.
He makes me smile and happy.

I wanna do anything for him,just for him.

We use same toothpaste.
It means that we can feel same taste every morning every night,if we are not together at the moment.

The Great Gatsby

Finally I watched it 'The Great Gatsby'
How can I say.....

It's very sweet.
We hung on past memories... I also do that.
The past is very beautiful.
And the past NEVER change.



R.I.P. Sheena

The queen of the rock SHEENA has gone.
Actually when I was 8 or 9 years old, I saw SHEENA in Tenjin Fukuoka that our home city.
I was a child,but at the moment I noticed that she was SHEENA.
I dont know why but I cant forget that scene.

She is awesome,forever.



Postpone to be back to Malta.

I was supposed to set off for Malta next Tuesday.
But I have to postpone.
Why.....there are some reasons.

I stay in Japan until 15th March!!


The short trip!!

I've been enjoying Japan winter time.
Someone invited me to his small villa.
It was very nice,awesome.
We listened to the excellent music such as Maria Callas,Bach and Rolling Stones!!

On the way to there,I saw the vegetable market.
They have specials fresh and cheap!!

Actually here is not available to use mobile phone...
It's good??

It was very cold,you know?
Enjoyed hot spring as well:))))
It makes me very happy always!!

Lovely winter time:)