Japan to Malta to Swiss to .....

This month I have been working very busy!!!
Now just having tea at the Zurich airport.

I stayed in Yokohama then, got to Malta.
Last week I visited Ticino Swiss, so Zurich for a few days.
Finally Im head for Malta again.

I am planing to renew my website.



Heading to NIIGATA by the SHINKANSEN
It is first time to visit. a littile bit excited.

It's toooooo cold;(((((

Snowing a lot!!!

WOW temp is 2℃!! The icon is snowman;)


Yokohama ; Hotel

The classic city Yokohama.
This week I've been here Yokohama!!

Not only china town but classic modern urban.

This time Im staying Hotel New Grand.

The view from my room

The garden

Bar Sea GuardianⅡ

The hotel especially atmosphere is  perfect!!

I really understood that many film directors want to shoot something here!!



This is Osaka!!
Hozenji 法善寺!


Up coming the day to be back to Malta.
Before that I will visit Yokohama, exact tomorrow.
It's just a business trip.

Actually I'm down in the dumps.
Just a little bit.

Ive been staying Kansai for a few days.
Some story had me down.
But I learned the LIFE from it.

Of course good things also came to me.
New people new experiences and so on.

The life is very curious.
However our time is limited.
We have to grab the chance and make a judge of the right something quickly.
To be honest,I'm not good to decide.

But I have to decide.


Lovely Kiss